RIVETS from different materials

Excellent fasteners

RivetsRivets are one of the oldest techniques of joining two elements and are still an important method of joining different mechanical parts and elements. A permanent joint is formed as the rivet gets slightly deformed and permanently binds the surfaces together. The bond can be broken only by damaging the rivet. There are three main types of rivets: solid, semi-tubular and shoulder rivets. They differ in strength and some other characteristic and are used for different purposes. Solid rivets can withstand the highest tensions and are used in household appliances, for doors and windows (e.g. window handles), hinges and agricultural machinery. Semi-tubular rivets are not so strong but they are easier to apply. Riveting can be of two types: hot and cold. We use cold-riveting as our rivets are less than 10mm in diameter. 


Custom-made rivets 

Zakrajšek Janez s.p. can manufacture custom-made rivets from different materials. We offer rivets made of stainless steel, cooper, brass, aluminium, iron and silver. You can choose between different dimensions; on customer’s request, rivets can also be ribbed.




Rivets – price

The price of a rivet depends on the material, type and dimensions. We can assure you that our rivets are available at an affordable price. Custom-made rivets are bought by customers from a variety of industries (furniture, automotive, house appliance, conveyor components, agricultural machinery, etc.) We try to meet or your expectations as much as possible. Because we can adapt to your requirement and produce high-quality products, our clients have been returning to us for years.  Buy rivets made of cooper, stainless steel or other materials from our offer at a good price.