Rivets, pins, axles, rollers

Zakrajšek Janez s.p. is a small company that manufactures high-quality ironmongery products. Our story began in the family company established 1965 in Tacen. In 1989, I chose to start my own business as a part-time craftsman and have been working full-time since 1994. Since 2004 our company is located in its own premises on Soteška pot 77 (Ljubljana – Črnuče).

Our offer


Our company manufactures rivets, pins, axles and rollers according to customers’ drawings. Our products can be made of different materials: stainless steel (INOX), iron (Fe), cooper (Cu), brass (CuZn), aluminium (Al) and silver (Ag). Metal products from our offer are bought by customers from a variety of industries – furniture, house appliance and automotive industry and even by companies manufacturing technological devices.
We offer different types of rivets (solid, semi-tubular, shoulder) which are used for strong and permanent joints. Contact rivets and electrodes are used in different electrical circuits. Besides different types of rivets, our offer includes pins used in movable and demountable joints, axles that enable other elements to rotate or they can rotate with them, as well as shafts and rollers that can be ribbed. You can check the possible dimensions of the products on our website.


Why should you buy our products?

As a small company, we can adapt to your wishes and we also take special orders. Every customer gets the attention that he needs We can consult you on choosing the right dimensions and material of rivets, pins, axles, rollers and other products from our offer. Contact us trough the form provided on our site and we would be glad to help you.