Pins - usage

Small forged metal elements that are used for joining, fitting, centering and securing the position of mechanical parts and still allow movement in the joints are called pins, rollers, axles or shafts. These machine elements secure the position of two or more parts of a machine while allowing one part to rotate. Pins are frequently used in flexible and demountable joints in the furniture industry (e.g. for door hinges, fastening shelves, etc.). At least one component part of the pinned joint is flexible, but often both parts are. The moving part of the pin is composed of a loose fit while the fixed part is composed of a press fit. Since the moving part can be worn out, it must be regularly lubricated.

Pins - dimensions, materials, types


Pins are made of iron (Fe) and stainless steel (INOX). Their dimensions are ranging from 2mm to 7mm in diameter, and up to 70mm in length. On customer's request, pins, rollers, shafts and axles can be ribbed. The price varies depending on the length and the amount of the material used.
Pins, also called rollers, shafts or axles, have a wide variety of uses. They are used by clients from the furniture and automotive industry, and are also components of household appliances and agricultural machinery. Our products are not standardized. As a small company, we can adapt to the individual wishes of our client (based on the drawings in the technical documentation or a sample).