Zakrajšek Janez s.p. is a small company that manufactures solid, semi-tubular, shoulder and contact rivets, pins, rollers, shafts and axels from different materials according to customer's drawings. As a small company, we can adapt to the needs and ideas that you encounter on everyday basis. This website offers basic information about our products. If you would like to obtain further information, do not hesitate to contact us through the form provided on this site or via e-mail or telephone. Contact us and together we will find solutions to your requirements. 

Rivets (solid, semi-tubular, shoulder)

Rivets (solid, semi-tubular, shoulder)

Riveting is one of the oldest joining techniques and is still very popular today. Riveting offers several advantages in comparison to other joining methods.

Contact rivets and electrodes

Contact rivets and electrodes | Zakrajšek Janez, s.p.

Contact rivets and electrodes are electrical contact elements which can effectively transfer electrical current without losses. 

Pins, rollers, shafts or axles

Custom-made pins | Zakrajšek Janez s.p.

Pins are frequently used in flexible and demountable joints in the furniture industry (e.g. for door hinges, fastening shelves, etc.). At least one component part of the pinned joint is flexible, but often both parts are.